Phanta Kalpana – Hot Infusion in Ayurveda

This is the last formulation among Panchvidha kashaya kalpana.

In Phānta kalpana the herb is crushed/grinded and soaked overnight in hot water and strained early morning. This liquid is called Churna drava or Phanta or Hot infusion.

The essential part (saara bhaaga) of herbs is absorbed easily and fastly in the hot water. Also, those substances whose essential part is completely obtained neither in Hima Kalpana nor in kwatha Kalpana (may be destroyed in it). Hence, it is considered the best kalpana.

For instance, the pulp of Amlatas when soaked in hot water gives more benefits.

Definition of Phanta

क्षिप्त्वोष्णतोये मृदितं तत् फाण्टमभिधीयते ।। (च. सू. 4/7)

अर्थात् औषध द्रव्य को यवकुट करके उष्ण जल में मिलाकर एवं हाथ से मसलकर वस्त्र से छान लेने से प्राप्त द्रव को फाण्ट कहते हैं।

The powder is added in boiled water and then rubbed with hands and strained on cooling.

क्षुण्णे द्रव्यपले सम्यक् जलमुष्णं विनिक्षिपेत् । मृत्पात्रे कुडवोन्मानं ततस्तु स्रावयेत्पटात् ।। स स्याच्चूर्णद्रवः फाण्टस्तन्मानं द्विपलोन्मितम् । (शा. सं. म. ख. 3/1-2)

अर्थात् मिट्टी के पात्र में एक पल (48 ग्राम) औषध द्रव्य के यवकुट चूर्ण तथा । कुडव (192 ग्राम) उबलता हुआ उष्ण जल मिलाकर उस पात्र को ढ़क दें। जब जल कुछ गुनगुना रह जाये तब उसको हाथ से मसलकर वस्त्र से छान ले। इस प्रकार प्राप्त द्रव को फाण्ट और चूर्णद्रव कहते हैं।

The powder of herbs is taken and added into the boiled water 4 times that of the powder and kept covered until cooled. On cooling, it is rubbed and then strained. This is called Churna drava or Phanta.

Quantity of Phanta

Matra = 2 Pal (96 ml)

Amount of Prakshepa dravya

It is similar to that of kwatha.

Herbal tea vs Phānta Kalpanā

Nowadays, the most popular drink Tea is also an type of phanta, but it is called Phanta only when prepared by the method told here.

Herbal tea

Mostly people add tea leaves, sugar, milk and boil it, hence, this becomes a type of kwatha instead of Phanta.

Other phānta Kalpanā – hot infusions

Panchakola Phanta

Constituents :

  • Pippali
  • Pippali moola
  • Chavya
  • Chitraka moola
  • Shunthi

Each 1-1 Kola (6 gms)

  • Water – 10 Tola (120 ml)

The powder is added into the boiled water, covered and strained on cooling.

Uses :

  • kapha jwara
  • Vata jwara
  • Pratishaya (common cold)
  • Deepana
  • Pachana

Yashtimadhu Phanta :

In the texts, the Mulethi Churna and kwatha are more commonly used but if necessary Phanta can also be prepared.

Constituents :

  • Yashtimadhu – 100 gms
  • Water – 400 ml.

The Mulethi is crushed and made into powder form. This is then added into boiled water which is taken 4 times that of powder and covered til cooled. Then rubbed and strained.

Matra : 1-2 Pal

Uses :

  • Daha Shamaka
  • Pita Shamaka
  • Keshya ( good for hair)
  • Vedanasthapana
  • Shonitsthapana
  • Kandughana
  • Chakshushya
  • Balya
  • Medhya

Other Kashaya kalpana:

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