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You are on a journey to health and wellness. And here we are right there with you.

The Healthy Ayuveda is health education platform, formed with an aim to bring human close to Nature through Ayurveda. We provide knowledge about Ayurveda, health, herbs, and lifestyle coming from scriptures and Vedas. we try to make Ayurveda easy to understand for Ayurvedic students.

This ancient Ayurvedic knowledge is finely captured & translated into ”easily adaptable habits” for today’s lifestyle. We offer this knowledge to you through our Health Transformation articles.

We provide vedic knowledge from samhita & scriptures easy to understand for Ayurvedic students going to spread healthy environment.

You can live a life of optimal health and you can cure all chronic diseases you might be suffering from – just by changing your daily lifestyle, food and food habits mainly. Let’s together save the world from ever increasing diseases. And create a healthy Environment.

Although this is a new website, we are dedicated to provide you high quality informative content in simplified manner.

Everybody of us are chasing our goal of being better than yesterday in many aspects although we do many things daily for it. But In this race we forgive to adopt healthy lifestyle. Adoption of unhealthy lifestyle together with reduced physical work and increased mental stress resulting in chronic health problems.

In the world of internet we can quickly get remedies when we are not feeling well. All around the internet is full of remedies that claims for Ayurvedic treatment. And if we talk about accuracy of information we can also find it but we are not able to implement it in daily lifestyle properly. Don’t mind we are here to give you treasure of Ayurveda in the way you can access it in your daily lifestyle

Resources :

It is not easy to get good health information from bad. We love to gather high quality information from highy authority resources whether it is from Classical text of Ayurveda/ SAMHITA Or High authority international journal of ayurved and health journal, pub med and serve it as simplified form to implement in daily routine.

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High-quality information can be used to supplement, not to replace – concern with specialists. Don’t try to self-diagnose, and talk the treatment options with a doctor.

This Content on this website is informational in nature. The Healthy Ayurveda shall not be liable for any decision you make based on any of our content, services or guidance and any consequences, as a result, are your own.

All of our information on the Website, social media content and training is intended to assist you and does not in any way, nor is it intended to substitute professional, financial or legal advice. Results are not guaranteed and We THE HEALTHY AYURVEDA takes no responsibility for your actions, choices or decision. Please consult your physician before taking any action

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